Virgin Media Promotional Codes for 2018 Help Save Money on Bundles for TV, BroadBand and Landline

In this site we review the latest Virgins options for home media. We also provide you with a couple of Virgin Media promo codes that may save you money on your chosen plan.
Available plans
When at you can choose from the most popular 4 options:
1. VIP Bundle: At the highest cost price of £88/month, this package features 370 channels and 2 Virgin TV boxes. Customers get all channels of Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and BT Sport in HD with this package. Customers also get VIVID 350 broadband with ultrafast and unlimited internet featuring download and upload speeds of 362 and 21 Megabytes per second (Mbps) respectively making it the fastest among widely available broadband across UK. View the latest Virgin Media offer codes at the end of this post.
2. Full House Bundle: Costing £55/month, this bundle has all BT Sport channels along with Nat Geo Wild with HD resolution. Featuring a total of 332 channels, this package comes with a slightly slower VIVID 200 unlimited broadband connection which has 213 and 12 Mbps of average download and upload speeds respectively which is capable of supporting more than 10 devices in a household. This is idea for all internet uses such as online shopping, video streaming etc,
3. Mix Bundle: For £45/month, this bundle features numerous television favorites including Fox and MTV. Featuring a total of 235 channels, this bundle comes with the same broadband connection package as available in Full House Bundle.
4. Player Bundle: Priced at £29/month, this bundle features only the essential 138 channels. The bundle features the superfast VIVID 100 unlimited broadband which has an average downloading speed at 108 Mbps and an average upload speed of 6 Mbps to sustain between 5 to 9 devices. It is great value for money for small households. Remember to apply the latest Virgin Media discount code to save on you first month’s subscription.
Switching to Virgin Media

Interested customers can simply switch to Virgin Media services from their current providers in 4 simple steps as given below:
1. Search for available services and internet speeds in your area by entering your postcode
2. Select or customize the package to suit your requirements and preferences
3. Place the order and wait for around 14 days for Virgin’s engineers to come and set up your home media. Customers whose home has been connected to Virgin Media network in last 3 years can avail these services immediately with the QuickStart pack.
4. Once the equipment is installed and the services are connected, you should contact your current provider to let them know that you don’t require their services anymore.
Virgin Media promo codes
People can also keep the same phone number they are currently using by simply mentioning it in the details while checking out and Virgin Media will handle the transfer.
Also, while checking out remember to use:
Virgin Media voucher code: VMVOU50 to get £50 Off selected offers, or
Special promotion code for VM35OFF. This code saves you money on duals, bundles and triple plans.

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